An Unfiltered Approach to DIY, in a 1920's home

Come on in, & please don't worry about the dog hair.

We want our houses to be places that feel like home. You might be fascinated by big renovation projects, big budgets, and big results… but you don’t need to start there. Let’s start wherever you are.

I share my life and projects in real time as I juggle the same things that you do -  a demanding full time job, a house that never stays clean, and my little family of Jared and Teddy.

It’s all about trial and error. The key word being try.

No one is born an Expert DIYer.

Real talk,

We've all seen it on Instagram. Perfect DIY Projects in curated feeds.

Can we agree to accept our weird quirks? 
This is a place where we appreciate the quirks that make us us. I misspell words. I have an accent. I eat chips like they extend my life. And yes, my 1920’s house has lead paint.

Let’s all band together and agree to fail openly and honestly. Fight the stigma.

you don't have to "fake it till you make it"

On the Blog:

I’m not a professional contractor, and I’ll never claim to be one. I’m proudly self-taught through hours of reading articles, watching Youtube videos, asking friends, and most importantly, just trying. Then pivoting when something doesn’t work out. Or tearing it out and redo-ing a project later after I’ve learned a better way. No room for ego here!

Here to help you, but not afraid to show my shortcomings. 

I'm Katie

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