Katie and Jared at a gala at the Mayo Hotel.

Flo’s Picks: Holiday Party Outfits

November 19, 2022

‘Tis the season to get your holiday party outfits together! In case you’re unaware, November through early January are fair game for all sorts of holiday parties and get-togethers. Some of these are super fancy events, some are the perfect chance to wear a tacky Christmas sweater, and others (probably most) are a confusing blend of something in the middle, where you panic over being underdressed or overdressed. I’m still not sure what’s worse.

Katie and Jared at a holiday party in Tulsa.

If you’ve been around on my stories lately, you’ve probably seen me panicking over what to wear to a local gala that happened yesterday. It’s an annual event to benefit and celebrate the great work of Best Buddies, and I was so excited to attend! It was held at the Mayo Hotel which is a gorgeous 1925 hotel in the Deco District of downtown Tusla, and it was so fun to attend a party there!

Katie and Jared at the Best Buddies Gala.

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Holiday Party Outfits from Abercrombie

Abercrombie is one of my favorite stores to shop from. Their things last forever, and they actually aren’t for teenagers anymore. I’d call it a store that caters to those of us who shopped at A&F as teens, but now that we’re all grown, they’ve evolved with us. It’s now like a slightly hipper version of Madewell, in my opinion. And thankfully, their sizing is finally adult-sized too, with different lengths for taller or shorter people, and curvy sizing if you’ve got good things going for you!

Everything Katie considered while trying to decide on her holiday party outfits.

I tried all of these items to try on in person for my gala look. Okay, I tried quite a few more (shhhh), but these are the ones that I loved most and put up on my IG stories for all of you to vote on. Thank you for helping me decide what to wear! You were so passionate about how I should look, and it was really helpful (even though you were all giving me different advice).


The teal green satin dress I actually bought in purple. I really liked it but decided it was a bit short – I didn’t want to worry about accidentally flashing all parts at the same time.

I really like this black one-sleeved dress. It also comes in cream, and I liked both. But after one of you said that this one looks like a sexy date night dress rather than a gala look, I couldn’t forget it.

So I ordered another one. This black v-neck dress was the clear winner. It’s classy but still sexy. The slit is perfect, and I feel like you can’t go wrong with a look like this – no matter the occasion.

Winter Coats

No matter how fancy the party, showing up with frostbite is never in style. And no, it’s not that cold here, but you get the point. So I ordered some jackets to try.

First, I tried this Teddy Long Coat. It looked the best with a short black dress I tried, but it didn’t work with the length of the dress I chose.

Next, I tried this Faux Fur Jacket. It has a collar, is cropped right below your natural waistline, and is super bougie. It looked really good with my dress, but I decided it was a bit too fancy for me. I wanted something that was a bit more classic.

Then I remembered this Wool-blend Dad Coat that I already had, and realized that it was a great compliment to the dress. It was understated enough that I could look cool without being the center of attention (the horror).

Final Look

I accessorized the long black dress and dad coat with this cute little bracelet, and these classic heels. I thought about carrying this small handbag, but decided to go without.

The final look I chose for the gala!

Holiday Party Outfits from Amazon

Holiday Parties start before Thanksgiving, and last through New Year’s Day. And with work parties back in full swing, you may have a full plate. I have a friend who has four Christmas parties just for work. Yep, FOUR. And since there’s a lot of overlap between the people attending the parties, she has to wear a different outfit for each. No stress there.

You also might have more casual family occasions, religious ceremonies, or fun and flirty grown-up parties! So here are some looks that would work for almost every scenario, all from Amazon.

Holiday Party Outfits - images of 10 different looks sourced from Amazon.

I’ll skip the details on these, but I’ve linked all of the options below.

  1. Wide Leg Romper
  2. Flirty Wrap Dress
  3. Lace Overlay Dress
  4. Ruched Bodycon Dress
  5. Pleat Skirt Dress
  6. Structured Gold Sequin Dress
  7. Flowy Shift Dress
  8. A-Line Sequin Dress
  9. Sweater Dress with Puffy Sleeves
  10. Long Dress with High Slit

Winter Jacket Roundup

You know I love a beige color story, so who would I be if I wasn’t in love with beige jackets? They’re the perfect neutral outerwear for your holiday party outfits. Here I’ve rounded up the favorites that I found at Abercrombie, and then similar looks I found for less at Amazon.

Winter Jackets that pair well with your christmas party outfits.

1. Dad Coat (Abercrombie) $220

2. Open Front Trench Coat (Amazon)

3. Wool Double Breasted Trench Coat (Amazon)

4. Teddy Long Coat (Abercrombie)

5. Similar look (Amazon)

6. Similar look, open front (Amazon)

7. Faux Fur Cropped Jacket (Abercrombie)

8. Similar look with zipper (Amazon)

9. Caramel Jacket, open front (Amazon)

Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Alright! Now this might be the most fun type of party to go to. My criteria for a tacky Christmas sweater: it must be washable. No itchy tinsel. And it can’t be boring. Go all out. Get one you don’t see everywhere. That’s why I looked to Etsy for this category. I must add that if you like a more *spicy/adult only* tacky Christmas sweater, there were SO many hilarious options on Etsy.

Basically all you have to do is pair your favorite with a comfy pair of jeans or some leggings, then prepare to party!

Tacky Christmas Sweaters for your fun-loving holiday parties.

Tap the links below to shop!

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

The End

Have the best time at all of your holiday parties! And if you have no parties on your calendar, either throw one yourself or hibernate in your snuggliest loungewear and enjoy the silence!

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