Picture of a german shepherd dog lying on a bed.

Gift Guide for Dogs

November 29, 2022

If you know us, you know Teddy (our German Shepherd soul child). He might be the most popular member of our household, and for good reason! He helped me make a gift guide for dogs so you can make spoiled pups out of your dogs this holiday!

Gift Guide for Dogs: pictures of 12 of the dog items Katie suggests for the holiday season.

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Gift Guide for Dogs

1)Trash Can Hide & Seek Puzzle Toy: This super cute toy is fun and good for your dog’s brain. The little raccoon toys are stuffed inside the trashcan, and your pet has to fish them out individually before being able to play.

2) Dog DNA Test: If you’re wondering about the breed of your dog, this Breed Identification kit uses DNA to show you a breakdown of your dog’s breeding. It’s highly reviewed. As a bonus, you might even find canine siblings!

3) Stuffing-Free Invincibles Snake: This snake toy has squeakers and no stuffing. It’s perfect for your tough chewers. It is created with a really tough fabric over a tough lining and has reinforced seams. I’m not saying it’s going to last forever (because it won’t), but it’ll last longer than a lot of regular toys.

4) Sniff Mat: Teddy loves this sniff mat! We’ve had it for a long time, and used it so much when he was in recovery from his ACL surgery this year. You just open it, toss food kibbles in and hide them a bit, and let them work for their food! Dogs love being mentally challenged – they’re biologically driven to hunt for their food, and this fulfills that need!

5) Hunger for Words Starter Set: If your dog ever stares at you, but you can’t decide if they want to eat, play, pee, etc… maybe teach them to talk! I bought this set for Teddy this weekend, and we’ve started teaching him basic words. You can read more about the speech pathologist who developed this here!

6) Interactive Treat Puzzle: This is another fun “treat” puzzle. I would just put half of their dinner in the little boxes, and let them go to town! This turns regular food into a high-value treat just because of the delivery.

7) Airtag Holder for Collar: I’ve seen special collars designed to hold Airtags, as well as a little clip-on, but I think this is the best option. You can keep your favorite collar, and it won’t fly around with all of your dog’s regular ID tags. *This is a set of two holders and does NOT include the Airtag (purchase below).

8) Airtag: If this is your first time hearing of the use of Airtags for tracking pets, just know that Airtags aren’t “endorsed for this use by Apple”, but many people are using these as an extra safety net in case their pet wanders. If your pet is near an Apple user, their tech could help to identify where the tag (your dog) is. Note that this wouldn’t work if you’re not near Apple devices (like in a remote location away from people).

9) Guacamole Hide & Seek Puzzle Toy: This is the cutest thing of all time. We don’t have it because Teddy would tear it apart in 0.5 seconds, but my chip-loving soul loves this little toy set. It’s a puzzle just like the raccoon/trashcan puzzle at the top – just a bit smaller.

10) Rennaisance/Royal Pet Portrait (Digital): I’m obsessed with these. You send a photo of your pet and they (Van Woof) photoshop it onto a body that you choose. There are 97 options, ranging from Renaissance and royals to movie stars, historical figures, and occupations. Just choose one that fits your pet’s personality! My friend had two made recently and raves about them. I’ll add the proofs to the end of this post so you can see how cute they are! You can do prints, digital prints, or canvases.

11) Custom Pet Portrait (Watercolor): This is another way to have a pet portrait, but it’s a bit more casual. The artist has a fast turnaround and can either send you a digital file, a print, framed print, or a canvas print. You can also purchase a gift card for someone – perfect for last-minute gifts!

12) Large Woven Basket: Let’s admit it. Dog toys aren’t that cute. Especially when they’ve been… well loved. I love this huge woven basket. It can sit in the corner of a room and look adorable while holding all of the toys.

Example of the Van Woof Pet Portraits

These are the approval proofs that Van Woof sent my friend when she was ordering her pet portraits. How could you resist these? Just by the choice in attire, you can tell that the dog on the left is a spunky little guy, and the dog on the right is a “proper” lady. This is the ultimate gift for people who are obsessed with their dog children.

A proof image of a small white dog wearing a pirate outfit, with a ship in the background. This item is on the gift guide for dogs.
A proof image of a yellow dog dressed in rennaisance era clothing with a high ruff. This pet portrait is included on the gift guide for dogs.

{Gift Guide for Dogs} Honorable Mentions:

Dog Hair {around the house}

This summer, all of you were trying to help me brainstorm ways to get dog hair off of furniture and rugs (the joys of having a huge German Shepherd, right?). I made a huge list on Amazon of the frequently suggested items that work for you! Hopefully, this gives you some ideas. If you have more that aren’t on the list, please drop a comment at the bottom and share with all of us!

I couldn’t buy all of them, but I did try a few and liked this Lilly Brush best – a lot of people who detail cars recommended it, and it comes in various sizes for various surfaces.

Dog Hair {on the dog}

Keeping loose hair out of the house in the first place is the most effective way to keep your house clean. This slicker brush is great to get loose undercoat hairs. Then you push a button to easily get all of the hair off. This FURminator will help too!

Baths are a pain in the butt, but this scrubbing attachment that attaches to your hand and lets you scrub and rinse at the same time helps to save our sanity around Teddy’s bath time.


Teddy loves these two beds. The first one is a really great value for a large dog bed, and the second is an investment but really great for his bad joints.


If your dog loves to go on adventures with you but can’t always keep up, this Sport Sack will let your pup ride on your back in style! (We will NOT be trying this with Teddy lol, but if your dog is a manageable size, go for it).

Picture of a german shepherd dog lying on a bed.
Teddy honestly doesn’t even know what a gift guide for dogs is.

The End

All of you always send Teddy so much love whether he’s going through health scares, barking at squirrels, or being our DIY supervisor…. Thank you! We love the love because he’s definitely our baby, and wish we could love your dogs back!

I hope this gift guide for dogs helps you find something that is both fun & helpful in the new year! Lots of love from Teddy!

Happy Holidays!

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