Gift Guide for Grownups.

Flo’s Gift Guide for Grownups

November 23, 2022

Here’s my 2022 Gift Guide for Grownups!

We want to buy people gifts that don’t end up in the trash or the donation box, right? Nice people deserve nice gifts, and these are obviously cool people or they wouldn’t be in your life (hopefully).

Let’s make sure that your favorite humans don’t have to fake it on Christmas Day, okay?

If they’re outdoorsy or readers, you can check out those gift guides. Otherwise, continue on to read about the cool things I found!

Katie's gift guide for grownups - listing 12 items that she recommends for adults.

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Gift Guide for Grownups

  1. You’ve seen me wear this shirt in stories because it’s one of my favorites. For music lovers, Queen lovers, and lovers of the 70’s, get them this classic Queen t-shirt.
  2. Plant lovers (or those of us who accidentally run a plant hospice) will love this copper watering can.
  3. I miss having printed photos out and about. This is a wireless bluetooth photo printer that prints the cutest mini prints straight from your phone. Don’t forget to upgrade to the bundle that includes paper, or get that individually here.
  4. This leather crossbody purse is perfection. Not too big. Not too small.Will last forever.
  5. Pears. But hear me out. These are so bleeping delicious. Such a strong recommendation. They’re packaged super bougie, so perfect for a super great boss, fancy relative… or honestly, for you. They also have yummy cheese spreads that look delicious (and a ton of other options if pears aren’t your jam). I gift one of these every single year. Not stopping anytime soon.
  6. Gold hoop earrings are a classy staple. Everyone with ear piercings needs these in multiple sizes. These are gold-filled and come in lots of sizes. This company has lots of other reasonably priced jewelry if you want to shop for some other people while you’re at it.
  7. If you drink Trulys, High Noons, or any other tall 12 oz. can, you need this Yeti insulator. Take as long as you want to drink your drink, because it’s going to stay cold.
  8. For anyone who carries a wallet… make it a good one. No velcro allowed here. Nothing falling apart. This is the item that’s keeping up with your super important bank cards and your literal identity. Let’s be classy here.
  9. Someone gave me this Meyer Lemon Set as a gift once, and I immediately was like “bleh, another lemon soap, blah”. But it’s honestly so good that I bought the refill bottle as soon as I ran out. It smells so good, looks great, and actually cleans your hands well. The lotion is good too – I honestly just forget to use it. But I should. It’s sitting right there.
  10. You’re all wondering why I added this Olive & June Mani System when I obviously don’t do my nails. And it’s because I tried it once at a friend’s house, and if I cared more and DIYed less, I’d 100% use this. Better than any nail polish that I’ve ever tried. Ever. And a gazillion classy af colors.
  11. I love really cool graphic tees that make you look like you’re a cool human. This Acadia Park long-sleeved t-shirt fits the bill. I want it.
  12. An Instagram ad has been targeting me lately – trying to influence me to buy this Ransom Notes game. We don’t play a ton of games (we have more projects than we can handle along with work as it is), but I really want someone to try this game and let me know how it goes. Because it looks creative and hilarious. That’s right. I just influenced you to try a random game I’ve never played. Do it.

{Gift Guide for Grownups} Honorable Mentions:

If they watched Schitt’s Creek (who didn’t?), this Rose Apothecary sweatshirt is utter perfection. It comes in several colors, but obviously, I’d choose the beige. Be like me.

I promise I’m not always judging when I go into other people’s houses, but I DO notice when they have an ugly 99¢ bottle of soap in their bathroom… I just wish that they’d buy a cool amber glass bottle like this one. These have a really cool shape, and even have stickers that look decent (I’d skip them though).

For people who are interested in promoting mental health, this “what if it all works out” sweatshirt is a sweet wearable mantra.

This isn’t super glamorous, but I’d be thrilled to receive these smart plugs. They work with Alexa, but if you don’t have one, you can also download the Kasa app and control everything from there. You can have multiple schedules for each plug so that your lights go on and off anytime you want, any day of the week. No more coming home to a dark house.

The End

I had so much fun putting this gift guide for grownups together for you! I hope you find some value in it. If you’re looking for gifts for your pups, your kids, your teens, etc… those guides are here too!

Happy Holidays!

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