Gift guide for kids - 15 items for kids of all ages.

Gift Guide for Kids

December 3, 2022

Buying for little humans is the best part of holiday shopping! Included in this gift guide for kids are items for kids small and large. I found toys, games, and a ton of great subscriptions if you want the love to continue all year long!

Gift guide for kids - 15 items for kids of all ages.

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Gift Guide for Kids

1) Coin Box – I love toys like this – as soon as babies learn what their hands are, they want to use their hands!

2) Teddy Bear – This is probably the cutest teddy bear I’ve seen in a long time. It had to make the gift guide.

3) YETI Rambler Jr. – Kids need to drink water! This Yeti bottle is designed for kids – it has a handle for easier carrying and holds 12 oz. of water so it won’t make backpacks too heavy. Bonus: It keeps everything cold!

4) Musical Instruments – You may want to avoid toys that make noise, but you know kids are going to make noise regardless! They’re kids! Music instruments from an early age are so good for kids’ development, and you can host music time outside if that helps your ears!

5) Found it! Game – This one is great for when it’s too cold or stormy to go out – it’s a fun {no prep} scavenger hunt specifically made for indoors! This Guess in 10 Game is fun too!

6) Sorry! – We grew up with this game, and kids today love it just as much as we did!

7) Fingerprint Activities – This activity book is so fun! It includes ink pads of various colors, and kids use their finger and thumbprints to complete lots of pictures!

8) Stepping Stones – This set of stepping stones is great for indoor and outdoor use, and lets kids work on their balance and movement while being as creative as they want to be! Perfect for The Floor is Lava.

9) Building Blocks – This set of wooden blocks has so many different sizes and shapes, AND they’re neutrals!

10) Kid’s Digital Camera – Kids watch us take pictures all the time – why not let them take their own? This other one I found is also super fun – it lets them use a greenscreen to create some awesome creative content!

11) Kid’s Tent – This is the cutest white tent that you won’t hate seeing in your playroom or the corner of their bedroom!

12) Instax Polaroid Camera – This instax photo will allow your kids to enjoy the magic of instant prints! I’ve linked the set that includes a case and several packs of film.

13) Lego Blocks – You can never go wrong with Lego. Yeah, you can buy the special themed sets, but I think that buying a few of these huge classic sets, dumping them in a big box with a lid, and letting the kids free is the way to go! Don’t forget some baseplates, and if you want to avoid stepping on a lego, just have the kids lay out a sheet first to contain the chaos!

14) Yoto Mini – This is a cute and simple music/story player for young kiddos. This set includes several audio cards of fun stories and sounds.

15) Strider Bike – This balance bike is perfect for kids who are ready to ride a bike, but aren’t ready for pedals yet. This lets kids push themselves with their feet, and they learn balance gradually! When they’re tucking their feet up on the frame as they go, they’re ready for a “big kid bike” – no training wheels needed because they’re already experts in balancing!

{Gift Guide for Kids} Honorable Mentions:

Image of Rainbow Ball Run

Rainbow Ball Run – This is an individual item you can get from KiwiCo (subscription listed below) – they have a lot of individual boxes you can buy that have things that you put together as scientists, and then play/learn with. This particular one is a colorful ball run that makes musical sounds – perfect for exploring music, rhythm, motor skills, etc!

Balance Wobble Board - on the gift guide for kids

Wobble Board – This curved board is great for balance work as well as imagination play!

Climbing Triangle Set on gift guide for kids.

Climbing Triangle Set – This is a set that includes a pikler triangle, ramp, and wooden arch. Set them up and watch kids have so much fun! This is fantastic for toddlers and up – they get to explore what their bodies are capable of while being close to the ground!

Gift Guide for Young Readers – Check out this list if you want to buy some books for your littles!

Subscription Ideas

You won’t need a gift guide for kids anymore if you go with one of these options!

Lovevery – Play kits designed for each developmental milestone! You’ll know that you’re providing your child with exactly what they need at all times. The boxes range from aged 0 months to 4 years. Set up a subscription to bless the little one in your life all year long!

MontiKids – This company is similar to Lovevery with their boxes created for certain developmental stages. They include parental guides, and you’re able to buy individual boxes (without a recurring subscription). You can also purchase other toys individually.

KiwiCo – You’ve probably heard of this company. Their boxes are geared towards STEM, and you work with your child to put things together before playing with them! They have 9 different subscriptions geared for different ages (from ages 0-100). For example, if you’re buying for a child aged 2-4, you’d choose the koala crate, and a different box in the koala line will arrive every month. They also have a ton of individual sets you can purchase.

Memberships to local zoos or children’s museums are great gifts. Also, consider offering to pay for a year of sports or music lessons!

The End

Kids are so much fun, and I hope this gift guide for kids helps you to make their holiday so special! Don’t panic though – the magic is everywhere, and they’re going to be thrilled to see you.

Happy Holidays!

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