Photos of the items that are recommended in this gift guide for outdoorsy people.

Flo’s Gift Guide for Outdoorsy People

November 14, 2022

I love gift guides. There’s nothing like seeing lots of ideas that you’d never think of on your own – particularly if you’re searching for someone difficult to buy for. I decided to make some of my own, so here’s my first! Enter: Flo’s Gift Guide for Outdoorsy People. These are all highly reviewed Amazon items that are great for humans (and their furry friends) that like to be out in nature.

Scroll down for the links to things that will keep your loved ones comfortable while hiking and living their best outdoorsy lives!

Flo's Picks: Gift Guide for Outdoorsy People. This is a photo collage of 12 items that Katie recommends as gifts for adventure-lovers.

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Flo’s Gift Guide for Outdoorsy People

1. First of all, let’s make sure that everyone who leaves home comes home. This is an extensive survival kit – complete with medical supplies, flashlight, paracord, compass, knife, flint, etc. This is one of those items that you hope to never use, but anyone who hikes anywhere that isn’t easy access should be prepared for as much as possible!

2. While we’re on the thought of survival, this is a 2-person emergency tent that is the same size as a 12 oz. can. Again, something that you’d prefer to never need to use, but priceless in an emergency. It comes in several colors – I’d recommend the orange version for maximum visibility. Bonus: this is small, and you can use it as a stocking stuffer!

3. This doggy backpack is the ultimate gift for the dog lover in your life that takes their pup on their adventures. This is particularly great if the dog might need some breaks. The doggy backpack comes in different sizes. It lets the dog ride in comfort while being able to look over your shoulder. Great for walks, hikes, or even bike rides.

4. Hydration bladders are the VIP for serious outdoorsy people, and this one holds 2 liters. Pop it in your backpack for running, walking, hiking, boating, etc. You know – all the times that water is required to keep you alive.

5. You know what’s cool? Being able to pee. For anyone who isn’t keen on stripping down and popping an uncomfortable squat every time nature calls while out in nature, this urination device is necessary. I know, it doesn’t sound glamorous. But what’s better than the gift of dignity?

6. Merino wool socks are the best winter hiking socks (and honestly are also amazing for lounging around the house). These are unisex – just choose a size for any human you love. This is a set of three pairs – you could even split them up and stuff all of the stockings with stockings (pun intended).

7. This 1/4 zip pullover is perfect for layering. It’s UPF 50+, so great to protect your skin, and is quick dry, so will wick moisture if you break a sweat. {women}

8. Always thinking of quick dry options – these hiking pants mark all of the boxes for outdoor needs while also being super cute (joggers with a drawstring waist and pockets, anyone?). {women}

9. I have a friend who has hiked all over the world in these Merrell hiking boots. If she recommends them, then that’s enough for me. {women}

10. Here’s the men’s version of the hiking boots! I also have personal recommendations for these! Your feet are your most important asset outdoors – protect them well! {men}

11. I like this long-sleeved pullover because it’s fleece lined – perfect for a bit heavier layering, or a light single layer. This is also one of those options that are fantastic for everyday life – running to get groceries, out for a walk, or hanging out at your firepit. {men}

12. I love joggers, and these are quick dry cargo joggers for all sorts of active activities. As I’m writing this, there’s a coupon available to clip – make sure to check the box when purchasing! {men}

Bonus: Rain Poncho. First of all: it sucks to get stuck in a rain storm when you aren’t prepared – especially if that means that you’re going to have to hike out in damp clothes for hours. Secondly: we don’t want to worry about remembering to check the weather and bring a rain jacket. Just toss one of these in the bottom of your backpack and forget about it! And win/win: these are great for stocking stuffers.

The End

I hope this gave you some good ideas for the adventurers in your life! All of these items are from Amazon, so even if you’re buying gifts last minute, you should be covered!

Happy Holidays!

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