Gift guide for teens - images of all gifts suggested.

Gift Guide for Teens

December 1, 2022

Teens are notoriously difficult to buy for, so here’s my gift guide for teens to help you out. I feel like the 90’s being “back” makes it a bit easier now – I was a new teen in the late 90’s, and I love that decade!

Gift guide for teens - images of all gifts suggested.

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Gift Guide for Teens

1) Bluetooth Speaker – Music is for every generation, and today’s teens are no different. This portable rechargeable speaker has great volume and is great for any sort of occasion that is made better by music. Beach hangs, pool parties, tailgating, “homework” sessions… all of it.

2) Kodak Instant Camera – I love every polaroid throwback, and I feel like this one is especially iconic. It’s an instant camera that creates the cutest 3×3 instant prints.

3) Smiley Face Sweatshirt – I’d love this sweatshirt, and I don’t know many teens or tweens that wouldn’t!

4) Smiley Face Slippers – The house slippers are giving strong 90’s walmart vibes, and I’m here for it.

5) Record Player – I feel like a lot of affordable record players look really cheap, and this one does not. It’s really classy, and anyone would feel cooler having this in their room.

6) Queen Records – If you’re giving a record player (or gifting to someone who already has them), you have to start their collection off right. After that, if you want to give them their favorite Taylor Swift or Harry Styles vinyl, go for it!

7) Manicure System – Nails are in, and this manicure system will let them have cool professional-quality nails anytime! If they’re into press-on acrylic nails, you can also grab these!

8) Portable USB Charger – Nothing will ruin a teen’s (or my) day faster than a dead phone. This portable charger is great to keep in their backpack for emergency charges, and will fully charge the phone multiple times before needing to be recharged. *Set of two

9) Sweatsuit Set – I’ve never touched anything from Target’s Stars Above line that didn’t feel insanely good. Don’t forget to get both parts of this set – here’s the sweatshirt, and here are the joggers.

10) AirPods Pro – Our messy wired earbuds didn’t come back in style this year, so we’re sticking with the ease of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. These are functional and stylish and include the noise canceling feature.

11) Retro Uno Cards – This is the cheapest item on this list, and is good for anyone. Everyone knows how to play Uno, and these retro edition cards are really cool. Grab yourself a pack while you’re at it.

12) Dot Ring – This is a solid 14k gold-filled ring for a really reasonable price. It’s not going to turn their finger green and looks amazing. If you don’t want to ask about their ring size, this company has lots of other great jewelry options like personalized necklaces.

13) Taco Bell Sweatshirt – You know how I love my Taco Bell fix, so this “Body Built by Taco Bell” sweatshirt made me laugh – I had to add it. And if you want a bit more traditional TB t-shirt, this is also a good choice.

14) Lululemon Fanny Pack – Everyone wants a fanny pack these days, and Lulu is the IT brand, so combining them is a good decision.

15) Alexa Dot – Finishing it off with how we began – an Alexa can do so much for you, but the top reason to have one (IMHO) is to play music. Just set this on a bookshelf or on a desk, and your teen can control their music hands-free.

{Gift Guide for Teens} Honorable Mentions:

Still clueless after going through the gift guide for teens?

Teens are just angsty and confused adults (jk, we’re all still angsty and confused), so check out my gift guide for grownups and see if that helps!

Gift cards or cash = never wrong. If giving a gift card, make sure it’s to a place that they really love like Lululemon, REI, Starbucks, or somewhere very generic like Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

If you are still stumped on what to buy, ASK THEM! I promise they’d much rather you ask than give them something that they have no use for. And from personal experience, I suggest that you give them a price range when you ask. There’s nothing more awkward than not knowing if someone wants a suggestion that’s $5, $50, or $500.

Still worried about it? Here’s a script to text them:

Hey Pookie Bear, Christmas is coming, and I’m stressed over what to get you because I really want to get you something that you’d like. Could you send me the link to something that you want that is around $75? If you don’t send me any suggestions by Sunday, I’m just going to buy you a Snicker Bar. Love you!

The End

Best of luck loving the teen in your life! If all else fails, just remember that we were all once young and dumb too – and look how we turned out!

Happy Holidays!

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