Fifteen gifts for home.

Gifts for Home

December 7, 2022

It’s no surprise that creating a gift guide for home decor was high on my to-do list this season. These gifts for home will make you feel more settled and cozy in your space. And that’s the real goal of home, right?

Images of 15 gifts for home - things that will make you feel more settled and cozy in your space.

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Gifts for Home

A sense of “home” while at home (or even away from home for a student or a travel nurse) is the most wonderful gift that you can gift a friend… or yourself. These gifts for home are curated to help you succeed in this – because we all know that home isn’t just a place – it’s a feeling.

Full-Length Mirror – Every home needs a full-length mirror – whether a small one in the bathroom, a statement piece in our bedroom, or a gorgeous piece in the living space. Can I encourage you to upgrade from the $20 one you got when you went to college? It’s time for a change. Look around – I promise you’ll find a better-looking one no matter your price range – like this one from Walmart.

Square Picture Frame with Large Mat – You know I love my Framebridge frames, but I saw these at Target the other day and they stopped me in my tracks. These aren’t as large (which is really good for many spaces), but they have that same luxe feel because the mat is so huge. They fit 4×6 photos. I also really liked these black ones.

Amber Soap Dispensers – Let’s just say no to the $0.99 bottles of soap in guest bathrooms. I have nothing against cheap soap, and I don’t feel like you should be spending tons of money on it, but let’s do a tiny upgrade, okay? This set of soap dispensers is gorgeous and has really cool lines that make it feel a bit vintage. I dig it. Buy these and then fill them up with cheap soap. No one will have a clue.

Brass Floor Lamp – I don’t know if I have the proper words for this lamp. I love lamp. Is that enough? If it’s not, just know it was out of stock at Target for so long that I finally gave them my email address so I would get notified when it was back in stock. It’s now in stock. Run.

Cream Speckled Bowl – This Studio McGee bowl from Target is THE bowl that you need for the middle of your table, island, or credenza. Such a good shape, and I love the speckles.

Dinnerware Set – Dinnerware can get SO expensive, but it doesn’t really have to. Target and Walmart both have really nice lines of dinnerware, and I’m very into this set from Walmart. It looks like each piece should cost $50, which is funny because that’s the cost of the entire 16-piece set.

Faux Leather Bench – Walmart again coming in for the win with this faux leather upholstered bench. I like adding something leather-like into a room because it brings in really rich warm tones, and this is guilt-free beauty because zero animals died. Let’s be honest, though – we aren’t quite $$$$ enough to get the real leather anyway.

Persian Lumbar Throw Pillow – This 14″x24″ lumbar pillow looks old. Which means I’m into it.

Chunky Knit Bed Blanket – I touched this blanket with my fingers in the store and wanted to bring it home. It’s so nice and soft (which isn’t always the case). This one is bed sized for either full/queen, or king. I have to alert you to this one too – it’s a bed throw size (50×70), but it’s chunky knit and awesome.

Woven Basket – This basket made it to the dog gift guide, and will probably be mentioned many more times because it’s *chef’s kiss*.

*Note – that basket is now unavailable, but this one from Walmart is really similar in both looks and price.

Bed Quilt – I like layering thin quilts with duvets during the winter and then folding them on the end of the bed during the summer. These color options feel very Parachute to me.

Glass Table Lamp – Clear glass table lamps are so chic. They can go with every style, and in my opinion, will never go out of style. This is a good price for a 24″ lamp and a great size for a nightstand.

Velvet Curtains – These curtains are so good. I’ve seen them in real life, and they look amazing. This price is for a set of 2, and there are many colors and length options – going up to 108″ in length.

Kiwi Bird – This little guy is adorable. Every space needs a bit of whimsy, and this kiwi bird brings it! It can sit down or stand up… and you know that means that you need two.

Framebridge Gallery Wall – Possibly one of my most requested links, here’s my Framebridge oversized grid. Each frame is 34×34 and fits 12×12 prints. I know these are expensive, but they are actually really comparable to other options for that size. For example, here’s an Individual Frame from Amazon of that same size – it’s not that much cheaper, and it doesn’t include a mat. If you love this look and want something a bit easier on the wallet, maybe consider one of their mini-grids.

{Gifts for Home} Honorable Mentions:

I couldn’t stop at just fifteen items, so here are a few more ideas that I had!

My favorite picks from Boll & Branch! Great gifts for home!

Boll & Branch Sheets – My favorite bedding is made by Boll & Branch, and I’m pretty into it! If you’re wanting to gift someone (or yourself) some luxurious bedding, I recommend anything from this list!

Air Purifier – No matter how cute your home is, if it’s stinky, no one (including you) will want to be there. A list of gifts for home would be nothing without an air purifier. This one has really great reviews for improving not only odors but air quality, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you struggle with allergies and such! It comes in various sizes for different-sized spaces, so check the size before you buy!

A round up of throw pillows.

This is a roundup of throw pillows that I love! Some I have in my home, and others I have my eye on. Whether you like a good pillow chop or not, you know you love squishy things to lean on!

Casaluna Collection – I don’t know if you’ve walked down the bedding section of Target lately, but I’m continually amazed at the quality of their Casaluna bedding. The colors and textures are SPOT ON, and I honestly want every bit of it. I already own a lot of the line, so I can attest to the fact that it’s quality while being fairly price-friendly (if Boll & Branch isn’t in your budget this year)!

A round up of throw blankets - perfect for gifts for home.

Here’s a roundup of throw blankets that have really great texture. You want to make sure that your home is cozy both to the touch and to your eyes. Texture is a great way to add depth if you prefer a more monochrome palette. And we all love snuggling up with a warm blanket – even if we aren’t cold.

The End

Holidays don’t always bring good cheer. Sometimes they bring sadness and stress. However this season looks to you, I hope that you find home a safe place. And if your home doesn’t give that to you, see if you can carve out a little nest of security – even if that means you hang out in your closet for a while and forget the world.

Happy Holidays!

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