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My Favorite Podcasts

December 31, 2022

Are you on the podcast bandwagon yet? You know I’m a fan. Even though music has a big place in my life, my favorite podcasts are the fuel of my never-ending home projects. Well, podcasts, coffee, and chips.

Katie digging a post hole for the deck while listening to a podcast.

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Podcasts to Binge in the New Year!

Want to start hiking more? Then listen to a podcast. Going to the gym? Take a podcast with you. Baking delicious things? Of course that pairs well with a side of murder (podcast).

Whether or not you make new year’s resolutions or set goals, I really feel like podcasts will make your new year a bit better. Have a long commute? Podcasts will generally save you from boredom. Cleaning the house? Podcasts make it more fun. Stripping wallpaper off of your plaster walls? No worries – podcasts are, indeed, coming to the rescue.

The things that I like to use while listening to my favorite podcasts - a portable speaker, airpods, and headphones!

Live alone and want to blast your podcast for all the world to hear? I like this speaker.

Have little ears around or trying not to disturb everyone? This set of earbuds or these headphones are great.

Five of My Favorite Podcasts {True Crime}

My Favorite Podcasts - The top five crime podcasts

Full Disclosure: I don’t love a lot of chit-chat when listening to crime podcasts. I would rather hear the facts and have the story given to me without extra fluff! I do understand that some people prefer podcasts that include more fluff and playful banter between the hosts, but I am just not that person.

1. Crime Junkies:

The best crime podcast that ever existed. I dare you to find a host that delivers a crime story and its details like Ashley Flowers. After one episode, you’re sure to be hooked! And if you happen to listen to them all, check out the Crime Junkies Patreon. That’s where you get access to exclusive content and get to listen to new episodes before they are released to the public.

2. Dateline:

Hear me out. Dateline is undeniably one of the all-time best crime shows out there. Not only can you watch the show, but now you can get it in Podcast form! How could you NOT want to listen to Keith Morrison and Josh Mankiewicz endlessly for hours?

3. Anatomy of Murder:

AOM isn’t new, but is new to me! It has quickly become one of my new favorite podcasts. I love hearing Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi (former NYC homicide prosecutor) and Scott Weinberger (investigative journalist, and former Deputy Sheriff) dissect each case. In addition to sharing the stories of victims, they help shed additional light on cases from their own personal perspectives. 

4. International Infamy:

This is a podcast from my favorite podcast host, Ashley Flowers! In this series, she explores notoriously high-profile cases from around the world while focusing on the cultural details that make them unique! 

5. The Deck:

Imagine Cold Case victims’ faces on playing card decks! That’s exactly what law enforcement agencies have done around the country! They created these unique playing cards, then distributed the decks in prisons in hopes that they would get leads on missing/murdered victims! The Deck is a series by Ashley Flowers that brings you the story of these cold cases from around the country. 

Five Favorite {Non-Murdery} Podcasts

My favorite podcasts - Top Five Non-Crime Podcasts

You all know that true crime podcasts are my non-guilty pleasure, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So for those of you looking for a new podcast in the new year, check out these highly-rated recommendations!

1. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard:

Dax and Monica alternate interviewing celebrities and experts/authors on all sorts of subjects, with an overall focus on the humanity of all of our life experiences. They have several spin-off mini-series under the same umbrella: listening to real family therapy sessions, anonymous stories from listeners, and documentaries about conspiracy theories, life in the U.S., etc. You’ll be both entertained and informed no matter what you choose to start with. This podcast is only available on Spotify, but it’s free!

2. Funny Cuz It’s True with Elyse Myers:

If you’re on IG or Tiktok, you know who Elyse Myers is. In her new podcast, she sticks with her unedited style of telling authentic stories about her life, as well as interviewing people.

3. Here’s Where It Gets Interesting:

History doesn’t have to be boring. Forget everything you think you know, because we know nothing at all. Sharon McMahon (former teacher and self-proclaimed nerd) has been teaching the world all about American politics and history for a few years on social media and has a very successful podcast sharing {non-partisan} stories that weren’t in your history books. Don’t think of it as learning – think of it as being told the most fascinating stories and then finding that they are actually true.

4. We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle:

Glennon Doyle took the world by storm with her book Untamed in 2020, but she’s been trying to figure out life (just like all of us) for years. She hosts this podcast with her sister Amanda and wife Abby, and they tackle all topics big and small.

5. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition:

We’re all devastated that Trevor Noah moved on from the Daily Show, but you can still get your fix here with highlight clips and extended interviews from his years of interviews and segments while on the Daily Show! 

The End

2022 certainly was what it was, and in some aspects, 2023 will be what it will be. For the bit that we have control over, let’s make it full of positive impacts, true feelings, growth, and love… and maybe a few of my favorite podcasts.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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