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Neutral Ottomans

November 9, 2022

I love neutral ottomans. Something that matches everything that we’ve already put into our homes. Lucky for us, there are so many options out there!

Need a tiny little pouf for your feet while sitting in your favorite chair? Check. Want a pair of ottomans that look good but can be used for extra seating for game night? Check. Want something super large and in charge that can also be used as a coffee table? Check.

I’ve found 12 neutral ottomans that I love and would put in my home, so here we go!

A graphic with images of 12 different ottomans. The text says: "Flo's Picks", then "Neutral ottomans for every room".

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Neutral Poufs

1. This is actually an unstuffed pouf cover. I like this because it’s super affordable, and allows you to fill it with several blankets for the stuffing. I’m looking at you, seasonal blankets, or family heirloom blankets that you can’t give away but don’t want to look at. I like the lines – they remind me of an expensive french-seam upholstered headboard. (Amazon)

2. Jute is a staple at my house. It may not be the ottoman that you’re dying to sit on every day if you’re wearing shorts, but it’s perfect for a spare seat, or a little spot for your coffee. The texture is so good, and the shape is classic. You can even pair it with a larger 29″ version if you want it to have a friend! (Wayfair)

3. Okay, I’m really into this canvas pouf. It’s got just the right amount of texture, and that little horizontal seam near the bottom? Perfection. I don’t even have anything else to say about it. I just want it. (West Elm)

4. Cream Sherpa. Storage. Ottoman. Need I say more? I can’t say that sherpa is super pet friendly (remember my saga trying to get Teddy’s fur out of our white living room chairs?), but it’s gorgeous and super cozy. The wooden accents are cute – it’s an unexpected detail, and I like it! (Home Depot)

5. This geometric pouf hits all of the criteria: neutral, texture, and good tones. The detail on the sides is so nice – yep, I zoomed in. And I like that it’s a contrasting fabric on the top. I feel like that will make it easier to clean if you get spots on it, as well. (Amazon)

6. The last of our round poufs, this little guy is super sleek. The top and sides are upholstered in the same fabric, and it’s great for a space that needs something pretty streamlined with no extra fuss. (Amazon)

7. Faux Leather lovers, here you are! This square pouf has window pane seams on the sides and french seams on the edges. It’s a really nice rich color, and even has a 55″ coffee table version! (Home Depot)

8. Psych! This one is big, so I wouldn’t call it a pouf. I’ll talk about it in the next section with the large ottomans!

9. I’ve been eyeing this option since the first time I saw it in-store. It comes in many different fabrics, but I love the Cream Wide Stripe. I think this is adorable on its own, but two beside each other would be perfection, or you could spring for the bench version! (Target)

Neutral Ottomans

8. If you’re looking for an upholstered neutral ottoman that looks and feels like a piece of furniture, then this is your pick. It’s made to order, and you get to choose your fabric, so this is definitely a lifetime piece. I love the shape and the short little wooden legs peeking out at the bottom! (Pottery Barn)

10. Back with another faux leather, this square storage ottoman might be one of my favorites. I mean, just look at it. I think it looks comfy enough for feet, steady enough for drinks (and Taco Bell), and I would definitely fill the whole thing up with board games. And super easy to clean spills or crumbs since there isn’t any stitching on the top. (Home Depot)

11. This is not super structured, so more like a large pouf, but looks super comfy for your feet. I would put a tray of some sort in the middle to hold either decor or drinks. I think the texture and pattern of this fabric are really unique while still reading neutral. (Crate & Barrel)

12. Last of all, we have one more faux leather storage ottoman. This one is more substantial in design than the previous one. One detail that could either be a pro or a con is the way that you access the storage part. The four squares on the top lift off – which means you can access storage while leaving things on the top. But that means that the storage space is divided in two, and probably wouldn’t be as easy to keep clean. (Lowe’s)

The End

Neutral ottomans are great because whether your design style is minimal or you like lots of color, having pieces like these allow you to add function without a lot of visual distraction. Bonus – they’re perfection for both living rooms and bedrooms.

Note: Neutral ottomans like these are sometimes sold for a season, and then gone. If a link doesn’t work, please send me a message, and I’ll get it fixed or find a substitute!

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