Stocking Guide Gift Guide and gifts under $10.

Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

December 5, 2022

I made this stocking stuffers gift guide because opening stockings as a kid was one of my favorite holiday traditions. Warning: this guide morphed into “stocking stuffers & gifts under $10” because I was having way too much fun finding pretty cheap items. I also found some funny things, because what is a holiday without laughter?

Stocking Guide Gift Guide and gifts under $10.

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

1) The Hungry Caterpillar – I will always love this book. Perfect for any baby or toddler. This Coloring Book lets older kids create their very own version of the book!

2) Baby Rattle – This little shaker baby rattle is nice because it is easy for tiny baby fingers to hold onto the sides via the holes.

3) Lego set – Little Lego sets are great for stockings – this one makes 5 little monsters. After they’ve been played with, the pieces can be thrown into the general Lego blocks collection.

4) Mini Food Brands – This is a surprise in a surprise – all of the mini food brands vary by package, so they’ll never know what they’re getting!

5) Squirrel Dog Toy – Don’t forget stocking stuffers for the pups! This is a tiny and adorable little squirrel dog toy.

6) Squishy Set – This is a set of 25 squishies, so you can give them all to one child, or separate and spread the love!

7) Pop It Backpack – This is a small backpack that will hold just a few special items, and is also a pop it!

8) Dog Feet Socks – Look me in the eye and tell me that these aren’t hilarious. I dare you.

9) How to Draw Book – Drawing tutorials are always great for people who love to draw! This one provides step-by-step picture tutorials on how to draw 101 cute animals.

10) Travel Jewelry Box – For jewelry lovers in your life, this will keep a few pieces of jewelry safe and neat while they travel!

11) Tape Measure – I would be thrilled with a stocking filled solely with tape measures because I lose them NON-STOP. You need tons for DIY projects, and don’t forget to keep one in your vehicle and one in your junk drawer!

12) Nail Polish – If you’re giving nail polish, for the love please don’t give crappy stuff. This brand is nice.

13) Bacon Bandaids – Another super funny (to me, anyway) gift. No one knew that they needed bacon bandaids, but they do.

14) Potty Books – Okay. This one is “Learn a Lot while You Sit on the Pot”. It would be fun to pair it with “Things to Do while You Poo on the Loo”. They both look hilarious and include jokes, puzzles, and trivia.

15) Taco Bell T-shirt – Why not?

{Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide} Honorable Mentions:

More things that everyone wants to find in their stocking: practical things!

The End

Love history? Learn about the origin of Christmas Stockings here!

Use this stocking stuffer gift guide for actual stocking stuffers, small gifts, or gag gifts! Please promise me you’ll buy the dog feet socks. I just feel like everyone needs that kind of joy in their life.

Happy Holidays!

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