A roundup of 12 sun hats.

Sun Hats

May 4, 2023

Since most of us are in the 30s and Up Club, let’s talk about sun damage. This summer, I decided to start to be kinder to my skin, and sun hats are a big part of that. Let’s chat.

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I recently decided to try IPL laser treatment for the sunspots on my face. I just had my first appointment, so I’ve been showing you this process in IG stories. Because you’re supposed to stay out of the sun for several weeks after your treatment (and it’s pretty sunny in Oklahoma right now), I’ve been taking a few precautions.

First, I’m trying to do projects inside. Next, I’m using this sunscreen (75 SPF, not super oily, and has just the slightest tint). And finally, I ordered a hat to be ready for any sneaky sun rays that are still trying to attack me. You’ve all been judging my look in my DMs, but you’ve also been asking for the link. Ha!

I think we’re all secretly in the same boat of wanting our skin to look like it did when we were in our 20s, so here’s a roundup of sun hats so we can protect what skin we have left after years of hardcore tanning.

Round up of Summer Sun Hats.

Linky Links

I found four cute sun hats each at Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The first one is mine, and the others are all hats that I would 100% wear for my outdoor, pool/beach, and gardening adventures! Some have ties, some are easily packable, and most come in different colors/tones!

Amazon Sun Hats

One (This one is mine!)




Target Sun Hats





Walmart Sun Hats





The End

That’s about it! Time to embrace the sun hats, beach hats, and all of the daily sunscreen that we can pack onto our faces! Here’s to looking younger by winter!

P.S. If you know nothing about IPL laser treatment (me just a few weeks ago), here’s an easy-to-understand article about it!

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