Thanksgiving Outfits: photos of tops, dresses, pants, and shoes that could be used to create an outfit for any type of holiday party.

Flo’s Picks: Thanksgiving Outfits

November 15, 2022

Are you the type to pick your thanksgiving outfits weeks before, or are you just now stressing about what to wear to the table? Whether your event is super casual or super fancy, I feel like you’ll find a great option here.

And if you choose not to celebrate or not in the U.S., these are just great autumn looks that can be worn at anytime!

Thanksgiving Outfits: photos of tops, dresses, pants, and shoes that could be used to create an outfit for any type of holiday party.

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Flo’s Picks: For Every Gathering

If you’re a fashionista, I’m sure you already know how you’d style your favorite piece, so you can jump straight to the links and get shopping! If you want to know how I envision these outfits, scroll down!

  1. Mock Turtleneck Bodysuit
  2. Knit Dress
  3. Round Collar Bodysuit
  4. Lounge Set
  5. Corduroy Button Down
  6. Boyfriend Jeans
  7. Bow-Knot Pencil Pants
  8. Faux Suede Mini Skirt
  9. Paperbag Corduroy Skirt
  10. Zippered A-Line Dress
  11. Overalls
  12. V-neck Buttoned Dress
  13. Ankle Booties
  14. White Sneakers
  15. Nude Heels

My favorite part about these items is that most can be mixed and matched with staples that you already own!

Also, note that a lot of these items come in multiple colors! I just chose the ones that I liked best… because I’m the one putting this list together. Go wild if you want!

Comfy Thanksgiving Outfits

Let’s start with the coziest options. (My most preferred, of course)

You can go super casual with a lounge set. This will ensure that you can eat literally whatever you want, and then drop onto the sofa for naps and football for the rest of the day. Or run around cooking and chasing children with zero outfit concerns. Going with a fall color makes you look put together (more than an old gray sweatsuit). I’d pair this with some comfy white sneakers.

The other comfy choice is a knit dress. This one is super simple and has a nice texture. The description said to size down for a fit like the model – it’s relaxed and oversized. Dresses like this have no waistband., so you know what this means – no extra pain after overindulging. I’d pair this with the little heeled booties.

Comfy clothes perfect for a day focused on family, food, and fun. An acorn colored loungewear set, and a casual knit dress.

Thanksgiving Outfits with Pants

These looks can either go dressy or casual (and still look like you have your ish together) depending on how you style them.

First up is a pair of overalls paired with a mock turtleneck bodysuit. You could switch the color or neck shape of the bodysuit (or even the color of the overalls – there are lots of options for each!). I’d pair this with white tennis shoes. I think this is super causal but cute, and once again, has the bonus of not having a real waistband!

Next we have these sweeeeeet olive pants (other colors available). You’d never believe it, but the back actually has an elastic waistband. There is a belt to bow, and cute ties on the cuffs. I’d pair them with the round-collared bodysuit, and a cool nude heel.

And for my last pants options, I’d go with jeans. You can get these or just your favorite comfy pair. I am apparently very into corduroy right now – but this button-down is so cute for every occasion. These ankle booties elevate the look while still staying fairly comfortable!

Thanksgiving outfits paired around pants. Each outfit has a different top and shoes, and uses different pant options.

Chic Thanksgiving Outfits

Alright! This is the last set of options. These are the more fitted dresses and skirts. They’re so easy to mix and match – just choose your preferred bodysuit, your favorite main piece, and grab these white shoes (or use whatever keds/converse/cute shoes you have.

And if you’re wondering why I keep pushing the bodysuits, here’s why: they’re perfect basics because they go with everything. They’re sleek, follow your body, and don’t create lots of extra bulk when you’re layering. You’ll never have to worry about keeping something tucked in just right. Just push down your immediate “this feels like a baby onesie” response and try them once. Let me know how you feel.

Decide on a top: Round Collared Bodysuit or Mock Turtleneck Bodysuit

Next choose a main piece: V-Neck Dress with Buttons, Zippered A-Line Dress, Faux Suede Mini Skirt, or Paperbag Corduroy Skirt

Then grab your shoes: White Sneakers (Haha, I just put one option because I loved it for all of them!)

A graphic of black bodysuits, corduroy jumpers and skirts, and white tennis shoes.

The End

Have the very best Thanksgiving, and make it whatever you want: no matter how you choose to celebrate (or not), where you choose to go, what you choose to wear, and how much you choose to eat!

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