Image of Katie painting window trim beige - part of Katie's house color scheme. Text overlay says: The Paint Colors of Florence Revival.

Whole House Color Scheme

March 6, 2023

I am asked about paint colors often because choosing paint can be tricky! These are tried and true paint colors that I love in my house – hopefully, this helps you decide on a whole house color scheme that you love for your home as well!

Image of Katie painting window trim beige - part of her house color scheme. Text overlay says: The Paint Colors of Florence Revival.

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House Color Schemes

Creating a whole house paint scheme is important to ensure your home feels cohesive. I chose neutrals because that’s what I truly love. Love dark and moody? Go for it. Bright and poppy? Then go wild.

No matter what you’re into, you need to put all of your colors together in some way to make sure that the colors and tones all flow. That could be as simple as keeping paint swatches together in a binder, or making something digital (like on PowerPoint or Canva).

I compiled the entire house’s color scheme into this easily referenceable post for you, but note this warning: colors read differently depending on the light in your house, your floor colors, and all of your decor. Paint sheens can also make the color look a bit different because it changes how much light is reflected.

When in doubt, small paint samples are generally available to buy at your local paint store, but they can’t guarantee that the paint sample is exactly correct – the tint “recipes” weren’t made to be mixed in such a small quantity, so leave room for error.

Kitchen Paint Colors

Katie's kitchen showing different shades of beige paint colors on floor, trim, and cabinets. These colors are seen often in the house color scheme.

In the kitchen, I painted the cabinets Shiitake. The harlequin floors are painted Greek Villa and Accessible Beige at 50%. The walls are Greek Villa, and the trim is Accessible Beige.

You can read all about the harlequin floors in this tutorial.

Dining Room Paint Colors

Image of Katie's dining room with an overlay of paint colors from her house color scheme.

The dining room flows from the kitchen and into the living room, so this is where it’s critical to have a whole house color scheme. The walls in the dining room are Greek Villa, and the trim is Accessible Beige.

All dining room sources are linked in this post!

Living Room Paint Colors

Image of living room with an overlay of paint colors from the house color scheme.

The Living Room followed the house color scheme! The walls are Greek Villa, and the trim is Accessible Beige.

See something you like? Shop my living room items here.

Primary Bathroom Paint Colors

Florence Revival's bathroom with marble tile, a rich wooden vanity, brass finishes, and greek villa paint color.

Our primary bathroom got a tone-on-tone look – everything is painted Greek Villa so that the tile and wood tones get to be the star.

Check out primary bathroom links!

Primary Bedroom Paint Colors

An image of FR's primary bedroom.

Our primary bedroom isn’t really finished because we’ve been playing around with some furniture placements. We just kept everything simple with Greek Villa paint, but that may change in the near future!

I shared most of my bedroom items in this post.

Guest Bedroom Paint Colors

Image of guest bedroom with greek villa paint color on the walls - following along with Katie's whole house color scheme.

While designing our guest bedroom, I went with the “less is more” philosophy”. This room is full of amazing texture, so I kept the color palate minimal. The walls, ceiling, and trim are all painted Greek Villa.

Shop my guest bedroom!

Upstairs Bathroom Paint Colors

Image of Katie's upstairs bathroom. Everything is in tones of bright white and brass, following the house color scheme.

The upstairs bathroom is all white. I love the sunlight coming in this window, so I used a lot of white in the tiles and fixtures I chose. The brass gives the only warmth the room needs, so I painted the beadboard white – as in, the white paint that comes in the can with zero tint. Remember: if the texture is a star design piece, you may not need big colors.

Sources for Upstairs Bathroom

Sunroom Paint Colors

Teddy (German Shepherd) sitting on a green velvet tufted sofa in the sunroom. The house color scheme colors are overlayed on top of the image.

My OG followers probably remember this room, but if you’re newer you may not recognize this spot! It’s currently a hot mess full of leftover furniture and all of Jared’s CRNA schoolwork, but we (especially Teddy) love this room! The ceiling is Black Magic, the walls are Greek Villa, and the floor is Accessible Beige.

I haven’t written a source page for the sunroom because it’s a bit chaotic now, but I think all of these items are vintage, not sold anymore, or are handmade (the bench).

Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colors are overlayed on top of a picture of the exterior of the house and deck.

We painted our house exterior White Dove. The trim is Kendall Charcoal. The back door is just a touch darker due to how we mixed the paint. P.S. The front door (although not pictured) is Rum Spice.

Our backyard renovation has been a real adventure! Read about our pergola and backdoor here.

Backyard Fence Color

The paint color for Katie's black fence is overlayed on top of a nightime picture of Katie's pergola with the fence in the side.

Some of our fence is cedar, but some is pine. Some boards are old and weathered, and some are replacements (new). I used Cabot solid color acrylic stain and sealer in black. This lets me still see the grain, but covers all of the tone variations you’d see otherwise.

Making a House Color Scheme Happen

Image of Katie dressed in white coveralls holding a paint sprayer - in her kitchen as the cabinets are being painted.

I have tried so many different painting methods… whether you want to brush, roll, or spray, here are my favorite painting tools to get the smooth finish that you want – all from Lowes!

Click the image to get the links all at once!

Handy Paint Pail
Paint Pail Liners
Short Handle Paint Brushes
Small Paint Sprayer
Large Paint Sprayer
Painters Tape
Roller Set
Roller Extender

The End

That’s it for my house color scheme. If you don’t have cohesive paint colors in your house yet – no stress!

Next time you have the itch to paint, do this. First, map out what you already have in your home. Then identify which of those tones you truly like. Then choose one space to paint to make it flow with your color scheme.

If you genuinely love wild wall colors, go for it! If you don’t know if you’re up for that commitment, then I’d suggest you paint with more neutrals and go crazy with your accessories and decor.

Remember, the end goal is to love where you live – a bit more every day.

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