Cocktail ingredients and a freshly made cocktail - ready for a holiday appetizer!

Holiday Appetizer Roundup

December 22, 2022

Are you taking a holiday appetizer to an event this year? Are you hosting and responsible for ALL of the dishes? Or maybe you’re having a merry little Christmas with just your immediate family, but decided to make it a bit more special?

While making a holiday appetizer list for all of us amateurs out there, I found all sorts of recipes.

Holiday recipes that say “easy” but also “double boiler”. No thank you.

Recipes that look cute but also make me think I’ll end up as a Pinterest fail.

Holiday appetizer recipes that have an ingredient list longer than a stocking. Nope.

These holiday appetizers are supposed to be QUICK, EASY, and TASTE FAIRLY DECENT.
If you’re in, keep scrolling.

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Holiday Appetizer List

I’m going to make this as simple as possible.

Three categories: Sips, Savory, Sweet. Here we go!

Holiday Appetizer: Sips

Cocktail ingredients and a freshly made cocktail - ready for a holiday appetizer!

For the ones that are thirsty…

Peppermint Martini – Only three ingredients here! And you can make these in batches so you can make it for your whole party in advance!

Pomegranate Cranberry Juice – Also very easy – three main ingredients + fresh lime… Some garnish ingredients are a bonus, but not required!

Peppermint Mocha – Make this with (or without) espresso and peppermint schnapps depending on your crowd. This is made in a crockpot in advance, so it’s quick, and then guests can help themselves!

Salted Caramel Eggnog – Heat up the milk and such, then let cool. Beat the eggs and sugar, then add to the milk. Add in caramel and sea salt. Done. Again, this can be made in advance, and made in a large batch! Booze optional!

Holiday Appetizer: Savory

For the ones that are hungry…

Olive Cheese Straws – These guys look gorgeous, but are easy to make. Packaged puff pastry, cheeses, olives. Fresh thyme and eggwash to take it to the next level!

Charcuterie Board – We’ve all seen gorgeous charcuterie boards. They look complicated, but they really aren’t. This article takes you through all of the choices you have to make. Super easy.
P.S. Lots of grocery stores offer packs that are ready to go – making this super easy!

Jalapeño Popper Dip – This dip looks AMAZING. It has a few more ingredients, but only three steps: put your jalapenos under the broiler, run everything through a food processor, dump in a dish and bake.

Pull-Apart Pigs in a Blanket – YUMMY. This looks fancy and the main ingredients are rolls of crescent roll dough and cocktail weenies. The other things you probably have in your pantry and fridge. I’m pretty sure this dish will be eaten in no time.

Holiday Appetizer: Sweet

Image of fresh peanut butter cookies with dark chocolate peanut butter cup on top - perfect for a sweet holiday appetizer!

For the ones with a sweet tooth…

Dessert charcuterie – If you want to go wild and share a bit of everything, you can try a charcuterie that’s solely dessert! The bonus to this – you can save all of the leftovers and nibble them yourself. Shhh. No one needs to know.

Gingerbread Ricciarelli – Chewy Italian Almond Flour Cookies. These cookies have a lot of ingredients (because you’re baking), but are pretty easy to make. Bonus: They’re naturally gluten-free!

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie – I have my eye on this recipe. It’s a peanut butter cookie with a peanut butter cup on top. If I make these, I’m going to try to grab the Trader Joe PB cups! You could honestly use a bought PB cookie dough if you want! Then just pop the PB cups on top after they get out of the oven!

Haystacks – These are SO easy. You can edit the recipe to make it exactly what you want (want to add or subtract marshmallows? white chocolate? sprinkles? peanut butter? You do you!). And all you need is a microwave and refrigerator.

Rolo Pretzels – Three ingredients, almost no mess, and just a few minutes? Sign me up.

{More Advanced or Time-Consuming}
Honorable Mentions:

Chocolate Peppermint Caramel Popcorn

Hot Chocolate Bombs


The End

Don’t stress too much over this! The season will happen whether or not your holiday appetizer turned out. If it isn’t everything you dreamed, it’s fine. If your friends are mean, get new friends. If your family is mean… they deserve bad food. Karma.

Happy Holidays!

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