Close up image of vanity, brass sconces, black metal mirrors, and classic brass faucets.

Primary Bathroom Sources

October 6, 2022

Sometimes we fall in love with items in someone’s home and want to find that exact item without a million google searches. So here are all of my primary bathroom sources in one place – no more scrolling through posts and old highlights trying to find where I got that one perfect sconce that you want in your own home!

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Primary Bathroom Sources

The whole room is painted Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams color matched by Behr (flat).

Shower Sources

The shower tile that I used has a matte (or honed) finish. Not only is it real marble, but it has both warm and cool tones, which I absolutely loved. I sealed the marble before and after grouting it a warm gray.

The huge soaker tub is probably one of my most requested links. If you love a good bath, this tub is perfection. I chose to go with an extra-long shower curtain in this bathroom – it brought in warmth and great texture, and I have no regrets.

This shower hardware is the same system we used in our upstairs bathroom. We loved it, so why change? You know I’m obsessed with music and podcasts, so we went with Bluetooth capability in our vent fan. We used a vintage rug that we sourced from Knotted Mercantile on top of our marble penny tile floors.

Vanity Sources

Unfortunately, this vanity and it’s carrara marble top from Signature Hardware has been discontinued, so I found similar vanities in various price points. On the sides of the vanity, we added simple small towel bars like these.

We used very traditional brass faucets and added inset medicine cabinet mirrors between the studs to maximize our storage space. Lighting makes a space, so in addition to the can lights, we lit the vanity with three brass sconces. Before you ask, no – the brass in this room isn’t matchy matchy but they’re all warm tones and work so well together. Sisters, not twins.

Toilet Nook Sources

What is a bathroom without a toilet? We created a little nook just for the toilet which gave us room for a full-size vanity. I put in a brass toilet paper holder like this one, added some pretty art similar to this, and called it a day.

Decor Sources

Undoubtedly, the most discussed (dare I say controversial?) choice I made was the curtains. If you love this look like I do, here are the curtains (yep, they’re just tea towels), rod, and rings that I used. I already had this wicker laundry basket, and it’s the perfect size to tuck into the corner by the vanity. I added some organizers inside drawers, and hung up some bath towel hooks for easy access. Lastly, I made everything pretty with a brass tray, some similar faux foilage in a similar vase, and of course a candle.

The End

And that’s a wrap for the primary bathroom sources! If you’re looking for a bathroom look like mine but with higher or lower price points, then check out roundups that I’ve sourced of similar items!

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